As you are probably aware, the current capacity to start a new license or to convert a foreign license is not easy these days.

The reasons for that:

  •  to many students wants to apply for a license
  •  Dresden has to less instructors and even less english speaking instructors
  • authoritys provide to less appointments to register for a license
  • exam authority provide to less exam appointments for students as well


We in the FAHRSCHULE LEHMANN always want to provide a full professional education and service to our students.

We want to avoid long waiting periods for registered students. This is why we need to dose our student  registration.

We try to accompany current students as intensive as neccessary and as much as possible until they succeed.

This takes time and calm.

This is why we say thank you for your understanding and your patience.




If you apply for a german license you have to differentiate if you start like a beginner, or if you convert a foreign license.

In addition a registration at the drivers license office (Führerscheinstelle) is required. Over that you have to complete for your German license (eye test, photos, first aid course, translation of your foreign license, confirmation from Ausländerbehörde about day of arrival in Dresden)

If you are a beginner you are required to join 14 chapters of 90 min theory lessons and minimum 12 lessons of 45 min mandatory driving lessons (highway, contry road and darkness). This education is realy intensive to become a save driver, able to follow the traffic rules.

If you are a converter you have to complete a theory exam and a practical exam. Only a less amount of countries are excluded from these requirements. Further informations you can get from the drivers license authority (Führerscheinstelle). We highly recommend to join minimum 6 driving lessons to prepare for practical exam. In addition you will get an overview what German examiners expect from you and your skills while practical exam. Even as a converter you have to become a save driver, with professional behavior in using the car and handling the traffic rules.




Unfortunately, no driving school can honestly answer what the driver's license cost you completely.

Because that depends heavily on your previous knowledge, your comprehension and your personal interests.

 Every learner driver is different. That's why we have a wide range of offers, with something for everyone.